6 April 2015

10 Fame and Success Quotations

Here's a quick exercise. You should match the lines to make quotations about fame and success. I hope you'll enjoy and find it interesting.

1. ''A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known,     

 must come down.'' Anonymous

2. ''I don't want to achieve immortality through my work.

like success.'' Proverb

3. ''There is only one thing worse than being talked about,

and that is not being talked about.'' Oscar Wilde

4. ''What goes up, 

try, try again.'' Robert Bruce 

5. ''Winning isn't everything, 

and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognised.'' Fred Allen 

6. ''Whenever a friend succeeds, 

I want to achieve it through not dying.'' Woody Allen 

7. ''Genius is one per cent inspiration,

a little something in me dies.'' Gore Vidal

8. ''If at first you don't succeed, 

but it sure as hell beats losing.'' Charlie Brown

9. ''Nothing succeeds

ninety-nine per cent perspiration.'' Thomas Edison

10. ''Let me tell you about the rich.

They are different from you and me.'' F. Scott Fitzgerald

Which is your favourite? Do you agree with any of them?

What is your recipe for success? 

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