15 May 2016

Say It With Oxford 2016

Another year and another Say It With Oxford Competition. For all of you who are not familiar with this competition, here's what it is all about and what you should do to participate.
Organized by Oxford University Press,  the competition is for teachers who would like to win a place on the Oxford English Language Teacher's Academy Summer School 2016

Worcester College

The prize for the winning teacher includes: 

- A two-week professional development course at Worcester College, Oxford

-  Half-board accommodation and flight costs

As the engagement of students is necessary, there is a prize for the students as well, and it means a Mini iPad and a certificate for each.

What students need to do:

What teachers need to do:

2. Upload your students' video (s) on YouTube
3. Fill in the entry form and upload the URL of your YouTube video. If there's more than one video, you should fill in one entry form per video.

For more information, visit OUP.
The closing date is 31 May.
Hurry up! 

Good luck!