6 October 2015

Climate and Metaphors


Climate metaphors are often used, especially in written English. 

The word climate can refer to the general atmosphere or situation in society.

° The words - cultural, economic, current, financial, moral, social, political, prevailing - collocate strongly with climate in the social sense. 

° The company's dishonest policies towards the workers created a climate of distrust.

°  The reforms of the education system will create a climate of change.

°  Unfortunately, my plans met with a frosty reception.

°  'You cheated on me, didn't you?', he said icily.

°  After the long ride, I was in a haze for many hours.

°  I have only a hazy idea what you're talking about.

° He has a very sunny disposition - he's hardly ever unhappy.

°  Our future is sunny.

°  Her boss was greeted with a hail of insults as he entered the building.

°  The manager left under a cloud of suspicion after a fraud scandal.

°  Your passion for him could cloud your judgement.

°  The message sparked off a whirlwind of speculation.

°   It was a whirlwind romance  - they married two months after they met. 

°   Thunderous applause followed his song.

°   The horses thundered down the dirt road.

°  The winds of discontent are blowing across the country.

°  The truth has been lost in the mists of time.

°  She goes misty-eyed every time she hears that song.

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