26 September 2015

A Language Learning Challenge

Cambridge University Press

In order to celebrate the European Day of Languages (26th September), Cambridge University Press Education invite you to create a short video (max 20 seconds) sharing your language learning tip for a chance to win an iPad mini! 

The competition is open to all language learners, students and teachers so be creative and, of course, have fun!

Deadline for video submissions is 31st October 2015. Find out more and enter here.

Good luck!

14 September 2015

Program besplatnih časova engleskog jezika


Zahvaljujući saradnji ELTA Serbia (Udruženje nastavnika engleskog jezika) i Američke ambasade, organizovaće se dvogodišnji program besplatnih časova engleskog jezika namenjen osnovcima i srednjoškolcima od 13 do 15 godina iz socijalno ugroženih porodica iz Beograda i Kragujevca. Broj polaznika je ograničen.

Program se odvija posle časova, a pored časova engleskog, učenici će moći da nauče više o američkoj kulturi, kao i da učestvuju u raznim vannastavnim aktivnostima.

Nastavnici engleskog jezika i odeljenske starešine mogu, na osnovu navedenih kriterijuma, predložiti potencijalne kandidate i pomoći im, uz saglasnost roditelja, da se prijave za ovaj program.

Popunjen prijavni obrazac treba poslati do 27. septembra na ovu imejl adresu za Beograd, a na ovu za Kragujevac.

9 September 2015

Super Safari Competition

This competition is open to teachers of kindergarten and primary level English who, at the time of entering the competition, are associated with an institution of English teaching or teach as a private tutor.

To take part in the competition, teachers must watch the 'Super Safari' song and dance video down below and then submit one video of their class performing this 'Super Safari' dance and song routine.   

The prizes are as follows:

  1. One grand prize consisting of a Super Safari - themed classroom party, run by Cambridge University Press. This includes safari - themed decorations, mascots and food for the winning class to enjoy.
  2. One monthly prize: one Super Safari parrot puppet and one Super Safari colouring book for each member of the winning class.

All entries must be received by 15th December 2015.

For more details on this competition, click here.

Join the Super Safari adventure, for a great start to learning!

Good luck!

6 September 2015

William Wordsworth: Poetry, People and Place

This free online course is open to anyone interested in the great poetry of William Wordsworth, focusing on his writing process and the beautiful landscape of the Lake District. 

The course has been filmed at Dove Cottage, Grasmere, where Wordsworth lived and produced much of his greatest work, including ''I wandered lonely as a Cloud'' (better known as ''Daffodils'') and ''The Prelude'' (his autobiographical masterpiece).

You will study how Wordsworth created and revised these poems and Lyrical Ballads, using the magnificent collection of manuscripts held by the Wordsworth Trust in the museum next to his home.

Through different readings and discussions with an emphasis on Grasmere and the Lake District, the course will explore why this location was so special for Britain's best-loved poet.

Date: Monday, 7 September 2015

Duration: 4 weeks/4 hours pw

Lead Educator: Simon Bainbridge

Educators: Sally Bushell, Sharon Ruston 

In order to celebrate the start of Lancaster University's course, you are challenged to write a poem inspired by your favourite place. Join the challenge

3 September 2015

Nouns Formed From Phrasal Verbs

° There are many compound nouns formed with a verb + preposition, or preposition + verb combination. 

  • an outbreak of food poisoning
  • The city has a bypass, which keeps traffic out of the centre.
  • I'll need regular updates on her progress.

°  Some of these nouns operate as phrasal verbs, and some don't.

  • Rioting has broken out all over the city.
  • I passed by your house on the way to the station.
  • There is no verb to date up.

Here are some example sentences with a compound noun starting with the word given.

◊  take

  1. Shall we eat out or get a takeaway (US takeout)?
          a meal you buy in a restaurant to eat at home

     2.  They were involved in a takeover two years ago.

          getting control of a company by buying most of its shares

◊  down

      3. You can download it for free. I'll forward the link to you.

           information obtained from the Internet, usually free

      4. It was gambling that eventually led to his downfall.

          failure or ruin following success

      5. I didn't bring an umbrella, so I got soaked in yesterday's downpour.

          a lot of rain that falls fast

◊   out

       6. I've bought a new outfit for the party tomorrow.

           a set of clothes worn together

       7. We may not know the outcome of the meeting until tomorrow.

            the final result of something, when no one knows what to expect

       8. The outlook for people on low incomes is grim.

            the likely future situation

◊   break

       9. After her husband died, Anna had an emotional breakdown.

          a serious mental illness

     10. It is a significant breakthrough in computer design.

            new and successful development

And here are some examples of compound nouns ending with the word given.


     11. You need to have a copy of your work as a backup (ALSO back-up) in case something goes wrong with the computer.

            support or help

     12. She is going through a break-up (ALSO breakup) right now. That's why she is depressed.

           ending a relationship

     13. This firm is currently facing a radical shake-up (ALSO shakeup).

           a large change

Can you think of any other combinations matching this type of nouns?