6 September 2015

William Wordsworth: Poetry, People and Place

This free online course is open to anyone interested in the great poetry of William Wordsworth, focusing on his writing process and the beautiful landscape of the Lake District. 

The course has been filmed at Dove Cottage, Grasmere, where Wordsworth lived and produced much of his greatest work, including ''I wandered lonely as a Cloud'' (better known as ''Daffodils'') and ''The Prelude'' (his autobiographical masterpiece).

You will study how Wordsworth created and revised these poems and Lyrical Ballads, using the magnificent collection of manuscripts held by the Wordsworth Trust in the museum next to his home.

Through different readings and discussions with an emphasis on Grasmere and the Lake District, the course will explore why this location was so special for Britain's best-loved poet.

Date: Monday, 7 September 2015

Duration: 4 weeks/4 hours pw

Lead Educator: Simon Bainbridge

Educators: Sally Bushell, Sharon Ruston 

In order to celebrate the start of Lancaster University's course, you are challenged to write a poem inspired by your favourite place. Join the challenge

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