26 March 2014

European Writing Competition "What Does an Enlarged EU Mean to You?"

Dear students,

The European Commission has launched a writing competition entitled “What does an enlarged EU mean to you?” targeting young people from the EU as well as from countries in the enlargement process. The winners will receive a two-day visit to Brussels and an e-reader. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the biggest round of EU enlargement, with the unprecedented accession of ten countries. Today, the EU perspective is open to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.
In this context, the competition will allow young people (aged 15–25) to express their opinions on:
  • What can today's European Union of 28 Member States learn from its past to help improve its future?
  • What does an enlarged European Union mean to you?
Participants are invited to write an article (max. 700 words) or up to three blog posts (max. 700 words altogether). The competition will be open until 11 May 2014.
National juries will select one entry from each age group (15–18 year olds and 19–25 year olds) for further evaluation by an international jury. The best entry in each category will be awarded the grand prize.

For more information about this writing competition and your participation: 

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