20 March 2014

The International Village Project

Dear colleagues,

We are looking for teachers all over European countries willing to cooperate with us on this unique project called INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE. The perfect candidate is an enthusiastic teacher working at school where teenagers aged 14-18 study. 

The main idea of the Project:

Students from different countries meet in a hotel located in Slovakia (Stara Lubovna) and stay there for 5 full days. During that time they take part in different integrating activities like: English workshops, sport activities, art activities, trips to nearby attractions (among others water park “Aqua City” in Poprad and Cracow in Poland) and other intercultural activities. All the activities are led by native speakers from UK, Canada and USA.
The official language of the project is English, so the participants will have no choice but to use this language almost 24 hours a day. Thanks to that they will break the shyness in speaking a foreign language which is a serious problem for many of those learning English. This Project is an interesting alternative to school trips which don’t  bring many benefits for students.
This Project represents an interesting alternative to school trips which don’t bring many benefits for students. Apart from creating an excellent opportunity for teenagers to speak English, the project benefits participants in something which is more important. Thanks to participating in this project teenagers will have a chance to see that although their peers live in a bit different reality and speak different mother tongue, they are very much alike; they listen to similar music, they are inspired by the same role models, they are facing similar problems etc.

INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE project is also a great opportunity for teachers to meet teachers from another countries that can result in fruitful cooperation and exchanging ideas.

You can find more detailed info here www.internationalvillage.eu 

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