14 February 2014

''IT In English Language Teaching''

ELTA and American Corner have a pleasure of inviting you to the workshops to be held by George M. Chinnery on the topic



Wednesday, 19/02 at 18:00, American Corner Belgrade

Thursday, 20/02 at 18:00, American Corner Kragujevac

GEORGE M. CHINNERY is the Regional English Language Officer (RELO) for Central and Southeastern Europe, based in Budapest. Prior to that, he was Assistant Professor of Faculty Development at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California. Outside of the government, he has also taught, trained and administered  language language progress in academic and corporate and settings, including the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and the McDonald's Corporation. George has been an English Language Specialist, a Senior English Language Fellow and a Peace Corps volunteer, and has worked in Turkey, India, El Salvador, Russia and Romania, as well as in the U. S. His professional interests include the creative integration of technology in language teaching.


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