31 March 2015

Prepositions and Prepositional Adverbs as Idioms


back and forth

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  • moving in one direction first and then in the opposite one;

     - She skates with a back and forth motion.

betwixt and between


  • between two choices or ideas or unwilling or unable to decide between them;

      - Brian couldn't decide whether to play or study; he was betwixt and between.

down - and - out or down and out (adj.; n.)


  • having no money, no luck and no opportunities;
      - Nobody loves you when you're down and out.

by and by

  • after a short period;
      - By and by Sarah appeared.

(turn a place) inside out


  • to search a place very thoroughly;
      - Andrew turned this place inside out looking for his keys.

on and off (also off and on)


  • intermittently;
     - The light kept flashing on and off all night long.

to and fro


  • back and forth;
     - The dog ran to and fro across the lawn.

round about

  • approximately;
      - I dropped my keys in the sand round about here somewhere, but I don't know exactly where.

over and out


  • said when you are talking to someone by radio in order to end the conversation;
     - The air controller signalled the end of his conversation with 'over and out'.

on and on


  • without stopping; continuously;
      - That song plays on and on. I wish they changed it.

Can you think of any other example?

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