17 November 2014

Observing Others: Some Useful Adjectives

Character traits

1. Julia is a somewhat naive person; she thinks love can solve all the world's problems.
[(disapproving) naive - willing to believe simple things perhaps because of inexperience]

2. My grandfather was a very conscientious man; he never took time off work unless he was really sick.
[conscientious - always take your work very seriously]

3. She's an unscrupulous financial adviser. 

 [(disapproving) unscrupulous - behaving in a way that is dishonest or unfair in order to get what you want]

4. Telephone salespeople often take advantage of gullible people.
[gullible - easily deceived or tricked]

5. You are so obstinate and pigheaded. Why don't you listen when people give you good advice?
[obstinate - unreasonably determined],
[(disapproving) pigheaded - showing unreasonable support for sth and refusing to change or listen to different opinions]


1. Sarah is such an introvert girl, and her brother Adam is such an extrovert boy. Strange, isn't it?
[introvert - shy, quiet and unable to make friends easily],
[extrovert - outward-looking and sociable]

2. She seemed rather aloof when in fact she was just shy.
[aloof - unfriendly and not sociable]

3. You shouldn't be so diffident about your achievements - you've done really well.
[diffident - lacks confidence; has a low opinion of himself]

4. My aunt Christina can be very haughty and disdainful at times, but she's lovely really.
[(disapproving) haughty - unfriendly and seeming to consider yourself better than other people]
[disdainful - to believe others do not deserve respect]

5. Without wishing to sound conceited or self-important, I am the best manager in the company.
[(disapproving) conceited - too proud of yourself, your actions and abilities],
[(disapproving) self-important - have an exaggerated sense of your importance]

6. Jill is very modest about her achievements.
[(approving) modest - not exaggerating your qualities]

7. English people are traditionally thought of as rather reserved
[reserved - not immediately sociable]

8. I've always found Professor Jackson rather unapproachable, whereas his colleague Dr Yang is very approachable.
[unapproachable - have an unfriendly and slightly frightening manner]

Visible behaviour

1. He's so impetuous; I wish he would consider things first.
[(disapproving) impetuous - acting on a sudden idea without considering the results of your actions]

2. I thought she was rather taciturn when I first met her. She hardly spoke.
[(disapproving) taciturn - reserved or saying little]  

3. They gave us such an effusive welcome it was quite embarrassing.
[effusive - giving exaggerated expression of pleasure, praise or gratitude]

4. He's such a pushy salesman. 
[pushy - behaving in an unpleasant way by trying too much to get sth or to make sb do sth]

5. She's a very excitable child; she needs to calm down. 
[excitable - easily excited by things]

6. Bryan's so garrulous; it's impossible to get any work done.
[garrulous - talking too much, especially about unimportant things]

7. His impulsive generosity led him to give away most of his money.
[impulsive - acting suddenly without any planning; similar to impetuous, but it can be used in a more positive way]

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