7 May 2014

Teaching vs. Technology

Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time: 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (BST)

Venue: British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, SW1A 2BN, London, UK

Speakers: Joanna Norton & Karen Wilkins


Technology has shared a long history within education. With each new invention came assurances that teaching and learning would never be the same again. However, during each innovation pedagogy has been noticeable mostly by its absence, and decisions about which types of technology  to use have been informed increasingly by behaviour patterns in the consumer space.

By the end of the session, teachers will have a better understanding of what mobile learning is and also how to assess and evaluate its impact on teaching and learning. The session will also provide teachers with an opportunity to explore alternative pathways around their own professional development and possibly consider education technology as a viable alternative.

1800 – 1815 Welcome and refreshments
1815 – 1900 It's time for educators to reclaim the technology debate with Joanna Norton
1900 – 1915 Comfort break and refreshments
1915 – 2000 How are new technologies changing the relationship between student and teacher? with Karen Wilkins
2000 – 2030 Networking reception

Joanna Norton is an educator with deep domain expertise teaching in today’s diverse, multilingual learning environments. A multimedia author and editor, her experience of using mobile phones for teaching and learning led to the creation of Keywords English. Keywords English is an app designed to support young language and literacy learners with the academic vocabulary of science, in both their first and second languages.

Karen Wilkins currently works as the Director of Studies for IH Intuition Languages, a global network of homestay tutors.  Karen has been teaching since 2004 and has worked in Spain, Japan and the UK. Karen has an MA TESOL, where her interest was in extensive reading. She is currently a part-time PhD student researching the effect that new technologies have on our relationships.

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